Author's Corner

I belong to the Generation Y family.
I celebrate my birthday every summer.
I love reading different books and a fan of magical and sci-fi movies.
A kid at heart who loves anime’s and manga’s.
Have a very wide imagination that lies within my body.

Writing helps me to run away to the harsh of the reality world.
Because when I write I create my own world.
The world where I can be happy…
The world where I am the one directing the story.

When I write something…be it an story or poems or essay…
It reveals who I really am..
It reflects to my personality…my hidden thoughts and desires…
Who I want to be…my fantasies and my dreams…

So If you want to know the real me,
Try reading between the lines.
My story is me,
I am my story.


  1. ang nice ate.. i like it..

  2. pano mag download po ng mga stories d2>?

    1. sorry po wala akong site/applications para sa mga download stories..
      if you want to have a soft copy just pm me your email address...
      i will send it to you :)