My Stories

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1) Tatlong Araw
2) The Bestfriend's Rule
3) Victims of Love - Bestfriends Story

By Series

After All Series

1) After All Book 1 : A Love and Friendship Story
2) After All Book 2: Stupid Cupid 
3) After All Book 3 : Queen of his Heart 
4) After All : Denial King and Queen - Fanfic
5) After All : First Love vs Last Love - Fanfic 

My Song Presents Series

My Song Presents 1 : Queen (All this Time)
My Song Presents 2 : Empress (I've Fallen For You)
My Song Presents 3 : Denny ( This I Promise You)
My Song Presents 4 : Nicole ( Kung Pwede Lang)
My Song Presents 5 : Hikari (Something I Need)

Daydreamers Series

The Love of Aiesha
Love and Lies
Love is like a cup of coffee - On-going
Can I still call you Mine? - On-going
Revengeful Heart
A Girl's Heart - coming soon
Heart's Desire - coming soon
I Love You, I Love You Not! - coming soon

Other Completed Stories

1) Monster Couple
2) The Advisers' Fairy Tale - Fanfic 
3) Love Moves in Mysterious Ways
4) Walang Forever

On-Hold Stories

1) Friends Zone Seasons 1,2 &3 
2) My Love, My Heart
3) My Own Prince Charming 

4) TSG is the name


  1. uwaaahhhh!!! monster couple!!!! ayan na kami ni ran!!!!!

    sis, saakin mo ipa-edit yung pix sa story na yan ha!

    1. meron na akong naisip for the girl kaso for ran wala pa eh..

  2. wow!! *u*
    may soft copies po ba yan? O.o

    1. hehe...wala akong marelease na soft copies nito eh kasi hindi ko pa din siya naiaayos eh..

  3. bakit on hold ang untitled love story ate?

    1. kasi wala na yung partner ko magsulat eh..haha

  4. bakit wala pang chapter 1 yung revenge heart