Sunday, February 05, 2012

My Own Prince Charming : Teaser for the next chapter

Teaser for the next  chapter

Chapter 3 : Prince Charming in black Volvo and the Damsel in Distress

He may not have a white horse to rescue you when you're in trouble but he has a black shiny Volvo that will save your day.

Is fate really that tricky?

Dahil kahit anong iwas ang gawin ni Jen pinagtatagpo at pinagtatagpo sila ni Ian.

Chapter 4 : Meet the new characters that will rock their world.

Keneth : ang super hyper at kulit na barkada ni Ian.

Sanji : ang lalaking mukhang babae sa pagiging sobrang gwapo.

Ran : The quiet and mysterious guy.

Ruijin : the "miss sungit" editor-in-chief ng school paper.

Yuuki : Ian's bubbly little sister.

( A/N : Ruijin and Yuuki are my sisters in blog.. Here's the role you're asking for sista'h!!!)

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