Friday, March 13, 2015

Hara's 1st Birthday at Jollibee

How time really flies! Last Saturday (March 7, 2015) we celebrate Hara’s 1st Birthday at Jollibee. I always wanted to have a Jollibee Party kaya no questions ask na talaga kung saan siya magbebirthday. Besides baby palang si Hara nakaset na sa mind namin na sa Jollibee talaga siya mag 1st birthday.

Family picture

Hara and Daddy with Jollibee

The Location we choose is Jollibee PRC in Makati since it’s near to our place. We paid PhP1,250.00 for the party fee which consist of Mascot Appearance, 20 game prizes, 10 crayons. 1 message board and 30 balloons. We preferred Jollibee to appear on our whole party for additional PhP900.00. The party theme is Hello Kitty which suits our little baby girl.

Playtime with Jollibee
For the food package, we choose 1pc chicken with rice, spaghetti, regular coke, regular fries, regular yum and chocolate sundae. I also avail their Hello Kitty Lootbags amounting to PhP60.00 each which includes, hello kitty plate, spoon and fork, tumbler and a hand towel for the girls. While for the boys, I decided to buy it since they didn’t have a lootbags for the boys which consists of different toys. Jollibee also has a gift for Hara which is the Jollibee nappy bed.

Blowing of Birthday Candle

The host is good especially the Jollibee Mascot. They make the party lively. Hara is very happy when watching their dance number. They also have us participate in their opening dance number as for the ice breaker. And their games are good for both kids and adults.

Mga batang "produkto"ni Jollibee
Overall, the experience in the party was great and we are so happy to see that Hara and the other guest enjoyed the party. Kudos for the Jollibee PRC team!

Here are some photos of Hara with her Ninong and Ninangs.

Hara and Ninang Alaine

Hara and Ninong Marky

Hara and Ninang Lanie

Hara and Ninang Dhez

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