Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Korean Drama List Part 2

Hello hello hello!!! This is the part 2 of the K-Drama list that I've watched.

Kindly click here for the Part 1 of my Korean Drama Series list.

My Love From the Star
- Excuuuuuuse Me???
- Sareeeeeeh!
- The higop scenes!
- HyunHyun couple!
- Good drama!


We Broke Up

-Web Drama
- 10 episodes only
-YG Family
-Para sa mga mag-ex na hindi makamove on


The Producers

-Kim Soo-hyun, Cha Tae-hyun, Gong Hyo-jin and IU
-The life behind every drama


Bel Ami / Pretty Man
- Jang Geung Suk my labs!
- ang lalaking gwapong gwapo sa sarili hahaha
- light lang ang kwento niya
- RomCom
- Yung pagmamahal ni Iu hanggang wakas (The toothbrush scene) haha!


The Heirs

- Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho
- friendships, rivalries and love lives of young, rich heirs
- All stars cast haha!
- Higop scenes!

Rooftop Prince
- The past and the present!
- The innocence of the four!
- Yung jumpsuit nung apat parang traffic lights!
- Nakakabwisit na kontrabida!


You're Beautiful / He's Beautiful

- one of my favorite
-A.N.J.E.L.L is love!


Prince's Prince
- manga adaptation drama
- the cosplays are good
- for anime or manga lovers

Sensory Couple / I Can See Smells

-Gusto ko yung powers niya. haha!


Prime Minister and I

Surplus Princess / The Idle Mermaid


- Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Seuk
- Shin Hye's hiccups
- Shin Hye and Jong Seuk more look like siblings than couple
- good drama


 The Alchemist


Sweet Temptation


Marriage Not Dating
- RomCom
- The proposal is hilarious
- Funny and good

My Princess
- Kim Tae Hee and Song Seung Heon
- Kim Tae Hee is beautiful
- Good story,good actors and actresses

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