Thursday, October 31, 2013

A day to remember..

After two months of processing…at last…I’m not single anymore.. and I just want to share this once in a lifetime happiness of mine :)


Yesterday (Oct. 30, 2013) was my fiancé (now husband) and I civil wedding ceremony. It was held at 12th Floor of the Makati City Hall. The judge presiding our wedding is HON. Perpetua Atal Paño. It was a simple gathering exclusively just for our families and friends.

Since we just want it to be a simple gathering only, I didn’t hire a make-up and hair stylist anymore but with the help of my everlasting sweet friends and sister….voila!!!! I look awesome and beautiful. Who say’s I need a professional stylist?! Haha!

My make-up artist friends :)

The call time for our wedding is 11:00AM but we arrived there at around 10:30AM (better to be early than late). When we arrived at the City Hall, the guard saw me, smile and say “Congratulations Ma’am”. I smiled back and said “Thanks”. My fiancé was already at the Venue, and when he saw me; he said that he was “starstruck” to see me because I really look beautiful. Sweet :). He told me that he thought I might back-out and don’t to marry him anymore. I just laugh and told him that I love him so much that thinking of not marrying him didn’t cross my mind.

The message of the Judge was so touching and I won’t forget the four important “C’s” which is a factor of a successful marriage. Namely;

1)      Commitment
2)      Communication
3)      Caring
4)      Christ

When we were about to take our vows the judge let us chose which language we prefer and my fiancé choose “Tagalog” so that all can understand it and the message will be clear to both of us. He was the first one to say his vows. He looked me in the eyes and said his vows for me. He was already teary eyed that time. Then it was my turn next (I control myself not to cry…sayang ang make-up..hehe). And when it’s the turn for us to say our vows together, he was already crying!!!! I admit, between the two of us, he’s more emotional than me because I can control what I feel unlike him.

While saying our vows..the judge instructed us to hold hands.

Then the giving of rings.

His the first one to give me the ring

Then it's my turn.

And finally…the judge let us face the audience or she prefers to call them “witnesses” and announced us as one.


Then picture taking with friends and families.

With our families...

...and friends

After the wedding, we proceed to Tramway Bayview Buffet Restaurant along Roxas Boulevard for our reception.

After eating, me and my newly husband decided to go to SM Mall of Asia to watch the movie “Thor”. But sad to say, since he’s already tired because of lack of sleep the night before, he was asleep for almost half of the movie. While I’m busy watching and eating popcorn..haha!

I also want to take this opportunity to thank all the people who supports and help us to achieve this event. First is of course GOD for giving me an almost perfect man and for guiding us through our relationship. Second are for my Lady Boss who approves my Leave of Absence in the Office, My Mom who helps us processing our papers, and my Lola who’s always willing to hear all my hang-ups in life. Third are for my kikay and fashionista sister who was my hair stylist and personal alalay that day..haha.. Forth are for my College friends whose despite their busy schedule, still takes time to attend our wedding. I love you guys!

The stat of our journey is here. Thank you all for being a part of it :)

The newly wed :)

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