Monday, July 21, 2014

“An Angel was born”

My Baby's record at the nursery

Last March 7, 2014, I gave birth to the most beautiful girl for me. A bouncing 8.8lbs baby girl. I named her “Empress Johara”, meaning “Royal Jewel”. Her nickname is "Hara" but my friends fondly called her "Baby Josa".

Actually, my due date is March 10, 2014, but two days prior to my delivery date I was already bleeding and I feel that my stomach is already contracting. So, my mom said that we should go to the hospital. My mom, accompany me because that time my husband is in office. We arrived at St. Clares Medical Center at 4:30AM and I was admitted at 5:00AM. After getting my blood pressure and changing into hospital robes, I was immediately transferred from the Emergency Room to the Labor Room while my mom was instructed to wait in Room 304 which will be my private room upon delivery. The on duty nurses attended to my needs such as monitoring my blood pressure, checking my pulse rate and monitoring the heartbeat of my baby every 15 minutes. They also did Internal Examination (IE) to me to determine if my cervix is already open and ready. But unfortunately it's still 1cm.

When my OB-Gyne visited me around 9:00AM, she instructed the nurse to monitor my baby’s heartbeat because it was increasing rapidly. They put a monitoring machine beside my bed and also put oxygen to me because I had difficulty in breathing. Around 7:30PM, my OB-Gyne told me that I will undergo Emergency CS because many hours have been passed but still my cervix is just 1CM and my baby is already stress in my tummy because she can’t go out. We had no choice so I agree even though I want to have a normal delivery.

Around 8:30PM, I was transferred to the Operating Room. The nurses and doctors prepared the Operating Room for my delivery. I have four doctors, My OB Dra. Del Rosario, my baby’s Pedia, Dra. Bundoc, the Surgeon, Dra. Martin and the Anesthesiologist, Dr. Vita. Dr. Vita injected anesthesia at my back. I think it was three or four shots. I can’t remember clearly. I feel so dizzy at that time but I don’t want to sleep. Then at 9:09PM (according to the doctor’s record) my baby is out. She cried so loud. The doctor put her in my breast. At first I was afraid to hold and touch her in fear that her little body might break. So I just carefully hold her in my arms. I feel like crying at that time. I can’t control my emotions because after carrying her in my womb for 9 months, she is finally here. I can hold her now.

Around 12:00midnight, I was transferred in my private room. Well, even though I didn’t experience having a normal delivery, being in labor state for 16hours was not easy. I can’t even eat or drink for the next day. What a pain! Around 8:00AM of the following day (March 8) my baby was transferred to my room from the nursery. At last! Everyone can see her now.

She can't open her eyes yet..haha :)

OMG!!! Look at those cheeks!!!

Giving birth is not a very easy thing. It’s true that when you give birth you will feel that one of your feet is already six feet under the ground. But when it’s over, and you can already see that very cute, adorable, angelic face, all you can say is everything is worth the pain.

cuteness :)

Proud to be a mom!

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